When we got back to the packhouse Zara had put Connor down for a nap and the twins were sleeping as well. They were actually pretty good sleepers for newborns. At least, during the day they were.

I headed up to the bedroom and I flopped down on the mattress and I got comfortable trying to get some rest before the kids woke up again but then Asher came in and laid on the bed next to me.

" Stop staring at me." I say through closed eye lids.

" How did you know that I was staring?" He asked.

" Because I am psychic." I say sarcastically. And then I felt his lips run along my forehead and he started trailing kisses down the side of my face. He got all the way to my neck and he kissed my mark which enticed a little moan out of me.

" Stop that. I want to get some rest." I say.

" Me too. But I've been waiting for this alone time for weeks." He says leaning closer to me and trailing kisses along my jawline until he reached my mouth.

He rolled me on my back and he was half lying on
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