I felt the ground beneath my paws and it felt incredible. This is the first time I have shifted since before I got pregnant. It was more painful than I was used to but I did it with ease. I didn't want the warriors to have any doubts in me. If they thought that I had trouble shifting then they might have thought that I wasn't up for the battle. I needed to be a leader. No matter how much anything hurt. And it really did hurt.

'Are you alright?' Asher asked.

'Yeah. A little breathless. But the pain will stop in a moment.' I replied.

Asher waited a few moments before I looked up at the sky and I recognised the surroundings, the feeling of the earth, the feeling of the moon approaching the sky and I let out a howl indicating that the time was now.

Asher and I started running straight off into the woods and all warriors followed us. Spreading out in formation like they were taught. We had back up warriors but they were a little far away if we needed them immediate
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