'Look for the smoke. It appears first. It takes them a while to materialize. I just realized that when I saw her going for Beau. Make sure you look for the smoke and attack before they are actually there.' I instructed everyone.

It was the first good lead we actually had on killing these bitch's. I mean, witch's.

'Ivy. What's going on out there?' Freya asked from the shelter.

'Sit tight. We'll let you know when it's over. These things are crafty.' I tell her and I cut the link. I needed to concentrate. I couldn't be worried about them in the shelter. They were fine where they were. Asher was trying to protect all of the warriors but they were trained for this. For battle. I needed to make sure that he wasn't overdoing it.

'Asher. Come here.' I say. And he came to the middle of the warriors to where I was.

'What is it? Are you okay?' He asked.

'You need to sit for a minute. Their all on look out and they know what their looking for. You need to stop trying to protect everyo
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