We got the witch's bodies off of our territory and buried them in an open field that wasn't too far away. And Asher and I cleaned up a little bit before we opened the shelter and let everyone out. There were some very tearful eyes as those women knew that their mates were killed. And I did my best to comfort them. But there was nothing that could help the loss of a mate. And Zara and Freya came out with the kids.

Asher and I took the kids so they could go find Beau and Cole and Fiona was the last one to come out. She was looking really sullen and upset. I knew that there was more going on with her then she was letting on. People had blamed her in the shelter for their mates deaths. Saying that she bought the witch's here. I knew that it wasn't the case. I knew that everything they said was out of grief. They needed someone to blame and she was the easiest target.

I comfort Fiona in the house until Axel arrives but I don't tell him what happened. Fiona didn't even tell me what happ
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