I watched in silent amazement watching the pitch black wolf and the white wolf run off into the woods together, towards the sounds of people running towards us. I couldn't sit back. I needed to get closer.

I followed behind them. I tried to run, but it was really hard. It was hard trying to find my footing. They made it look so graceful but I guess, they'd had a lot more practice than I had.

I finally caught up to them and there were wolves fighting humans. But they weren't humans. They were strong. Their faces were distorted. They were vampires. The wolves weren't afraid. They ran into it head on and attacked anyone that got in their way.

I suddenly started getting this pain in my stomach again and I yelped. I didn't know where that came from, but I did. I yelped in pain and I felt my bones breaking again and suddenly I was back in human form. But I was standing there completely naked and exposed.

I hid my body around a tree but I kept looking out to see the fight that was un
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