I woke up the next morning in the same suite of that hotel but in the spare bedroom and I looked around confused at first. But then I started remembering the events of last night. Everything that I was told. About my family, about my old pack, what my mother had done. And that I was with Ivy and Asher Silverton. I think that last part is the one that I couldn't get my head around.

I got out of bed slowly and walked towards the door and into the suite and I saw Asher sitting at the table reading something on his phone.

" Hi. I hope you're hungry. I ordered extra room service. I wasn't sure what you liked to eat." Asher says putting his phone down.

" I like anything really." I say and I go to sit down at the table. I look around and realize that we're in this suite completely alone.

" Ivy's gone on her morning jog. She does it every morning." Asher says without me needing to ask. I guess I looked a little uncomfortable sitting here alone with him.

" What time is it?" I asked.
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