When we landed at the airport we had to get into more cars that were waiting for us but it was just a short drive to the Blue Moon Pack. I heard that's what they called themselves.

" Oh my god. I knew that you owned a large pack, But I never imagined it would be anything like this." Noah says looking out the window.

We saw people around everywhere. The town was bigger than his pack town. And as we kept driving we saw three different training grounds with hundreds of warriors training in each other them. Noah was amazed but I was a little terrified. I didn't know what to think.

" It's good to be home." Ivy says from the front seat of the car.

" Tell me about it. I hope my brothers haven't set fire to anything while we were away." Asher says.

" I don't think your brothers are the ones that we need to worry about anymore. I hope the kids didn't set fire to anything while we were away." Ivy says.

" Oh yeah. I forgot about them." Asher says. And Ivy hit him in the chest.

" I'
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