“Please, Helios,” I plead.

At the sound of my voice, Helios blinks a little. He frowns, seemingly confused. Then he stares at me with his crimson red eyes and for a moment, a flicker of recognition crosses his face. I seize the moment to try and pull him back to his true self.

“It's me, Laurel. Helios, I'm here. You can fight this…” Trembling, I reach out a hand and touch his beautiful face. A tear trickles down my face as I do so. Why does he have to suffer like this?

He cocks his head like a predator studying his prey and for the longest time, we stay like that. Him on top of me, effectively pinning both my hands above my head as he studies my face.

The moonbeam lands on him, casting a shadow on one side of his face, seemingly turning him into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

“Please…” I call out once more, desperately hoping and praying that he can conquer the darkness within him.

But Helios suddenly leans in, his face dangerously close to mine. I gasp at our proximity and tense up as he tucks his nose in my hair and inhales deeply even as his free hand slides to my jaw, barely brushing my lips, and tilts my head up so that my neck becomes exposed to him. His hot breath fans the exposed skin on my neck and his thumb strokes my skin, igniting a blazing fire in the pits of my stomach and his lips sensually move down my neck. His lips feel feathery light and it sends a tingling sensation all over my body so much so I do not know whether I want him to stop or not.

But he has to. This is not right. He has to stop. He has to win this fight against himself.

“Laurel, I'm fighting it…” he whispers and I see the colour of his irises change. Helios, he is regaining control over his inner beast! My heart soars at this and a ghost of a smile appears on my lips.

But an owl suddenly hoots from outside the window and Helios lets out an agonizing scream.

He arches back away from me and grabs his own head, grunting in pain. The tsunami of pain in his head is getting out of control.

An ear-piercing howl echoes throughout the room and without another word, he roughly grabs my wrist, brings it to his lips, and sinks his teeth into my skin. Blood trickles down my hand and Helios starts sucking on my wrist at a feverish pace.

Oh, the pain. I have to bite my lips to stop myself from screaming out. He moans as he continues to draw blood and all I can do is let him satisfy himself.

In his thirst for blood, he has sucked too much from me and I start to fleet in and out of consciousness.

A part of me wishes he would stop, and yet another part of me is glad to know this is the only way. He needs to feed to satisfy his bloodlust and only my blood can pacify him.

My vision tunnels and the world around me starts to dim but just as the last of my consciousness ebbs away, I hear Helios call my name, “Laurel.”

He pulls me up into his arms, embracing me. “I'm sorry,” he says softly and I shake my head.

“This is the very least I can do for you.” I manage a weak smile. He pulls me up from the ground and checks my wound.

Quickly I withdraw my hand away. “My healing factor will kick in soon,” I say, not wanting him to see the scars and bite marks he left from his previous attacks.

He refuses to let go of my hand and stares at me in a way that I don’t understand. “I’ll never forget what you did for me” he begins, his eyes softening with a rare gentleness that often eludes him. He opens his mouth to say something else but his words are cut off by a sudden knock on the door.

“Helios! It's me, Nox. Open the door!”


Our gazes meet and Helios immediately drops my hand. Helios’ psychotic uncle, Nox Morningstar is here.

There is not a minute to lose. Quickly, Helios stands up and I follow suit. He goes to his bed and begins to disrobe.

He turns around to face the open window and as the robe pools to the ground, I find my eyes lingering on his body. As much as I hate it, I understand why women throw themselves at him.

At six feet two, he has a face that can melt even the Antarctic and a beautiful carved-out body that would make any hot-blooded woman swoon. He has a back sculpted like a Greek god's and I feel my cheeks grow hot when my eyes land on the v-line of his tight hot ass.

There should be a law against hot men wearing clothes, it’s a disgrace to have to cover up nature’s wonder. They should be allowed to strut around naked, talk with one another naked, dance with each other naked…

Shit…what am I doing? Me and my damn hormones! I immediately avert my eyes, stopping right before I go overboard.

Helios notices my discomfort and lets out a chuckle. “It's not like you've not seen my body before Laurel. Why the aversion? Isn’t this the best parts of your job?”

He turns to face me, allowing me a full-frontal view of his body. I can feel the heat from his stare even as the robe pools to his feet.

I remain silent, keeping my eyes on the window instead, and just as he starts to button his jeans, he lets out a grunt. I turn my head and see that his hands are quivering like a leaf, an aftereffect of his shift from earlier on.

The door pounds again, Nox is losing his patience. “Helios, open the door!”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, wait a minute will you?!” Helios blurts out a curse, fumbling with the belt on his jeans. His hands are still shaking and he is having trouble buckling himself up.

He looks up and cocks his head at me. “Laurel, come to me. Suit me up.”

I manage a meek nod and hurry over to him. To help him with his belt, I have to kneel down before me and this awkward position makes my already flushed face turn even redder.

Thankfully, Helios does not notice how red my face and ears have become. As I work on his belt, I hear him clear his throat and say, “Laurel, I didn't know that was your sister.”

I go completely still at his words. They hang like a mistletoe and a multitude of emotions bubble within me; a hint of relief and happiness stirred with a strong amount of heartache and pain. But most of all, I feel anger. I’m angry about what he did. I’m angry that he can’t control himself when the seizure starts. But most of all, I’m angry at myself for loving him.

Unconsciously, I tighten his belt too much and he lets out a wheeze, “Geez Laurel, not so tight!”

“Sorry,” I say sheepishly though I do not mean it one single bit. He deserves some pain after all the heartache he put me through.

I stand back up and head over to the next room and stand like a soldier at ease next to a massive throne of gold. Moments later, a fully clothes Helios walks in and takes his place on the throne.

He throws me a knowing glance and nods his head slightly. Taking his cue, I call out to the guards, “Send Nox in!”

Helios’ jaws clench when the doors open. He does not like his uncle. Not one bit. The man may be of the same bloodline as Helios but he is a double-headed snake and a poisonous one at that.

“Ahhh….my favourite nephew!” Nox calls out with his arms wide open when he walks on. The lights from the corridor momentarily shine on his clean-shaven bald head before the doors close.

But Nox is not alone, for on both his sides are two gorgeous platinum blondes with violet eyes; twins, both in identical scantily clad dresses that do nothing to hide the shape of their breasts and silky-smooth legs that seem to go on forever.

“Look at what I brought for you, Helios!” Nox says, stopping right before Helios’ throne and pulling both blondes closer to him, patting their butts. The twins giggle nervously and do a little curtsy at Helios. “What's the meaning of this Nox?” Helios asks, leaning back against his chair and resting his jaw on one hand.

“Ahhh, you've been confining yourself to the tower for too long. I thought you'd be bored so I brought you some entertainment.” The moment he says the word ‘entertainment’, he roughly pushes the twins forward towards Helios.

They stumble right at Helios’ feet and flash their pearly whites at him. Their luminescent skin glow under the pale moonlight and their bosoms rise and fall as they take a peek at the Alpha.

My chest tightens again at the sight of the twins. More women to please Helios.

“Helios, what have you been up to lately? You won't attend the council and you're barely at the pack meetings. Tell me, nephew, just what are you doing up here?” Nox asks, casually strolling to one of the twins. He lifts her head by her jaw, forcing her to look at him instead.

Then he roughly pulls her up, grabs one of her breasts and squeezes it hard. There is no tenderness in his touch and I can see the twin squirm a little. She is obviously afraid of him. Without another word, he slides a hand down to her cilt and thrusts a finger in. The twin clamps her eyes shut and her lips quiver.

“Do you like what you see Helios? She is young, and is very impressionable. Surely having her here would be a lot more interesting than being cooped up in this tower, don't you think? What is it that you do in the tower, exactly?”

Helios raises an eyebrow at Nox, “What I do up here does not concern you, Nox. You should know your place.”

Nox’s lips turn into a frown. He is not happy with Helios’ answer. But he forces a smile, “Never mind. How can we talk business when gorgeous girls are present? Helios, aren't you bored of your Beta already?”

Why is he dragging me into this? I suck in a breath at his degrading words and my brows furrow. I fume, “Nox, watch your words-”

I feel Helios’ hand on mine, signalling for me to stay quiet and I turn my head to look at him. He shoots me a smile and shakes his head so I immediately clam up.

“Ahhh, Helios, you have trained your first ever female Beta well. And I'm sure she must have pleased you all this while” He winks at us, playing smart doesn’t suit him. “But sometimes you have to turn to the professionals for a better experience.”

He didn’t just say that! The nerve of that man!

Nox’s eye-lined eyes crinkle into a smile and he points to one of the twins, “Let me pass one of the twins to you, Helios. Let her serve you, let her meet all your needs.”

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