The twin, the one whom Nox points at and the one whom he fondled earlier on, stands up and walks seductively over to Helios.

She bows deeply at him this time, letting her twin peaks hang in the air for all to see.

“Alpha Helios,” she said huskily,” it is an honour to be in your presence.” She looks up, daring to meet his eyes, and continues,” My name is Lala and this is my sister, Cici.”

Helios’ eyes raked her from head to toe, stopping momentarily to admire her full breasts. Unconsciously, I look down at my attire. I am clothed in a dull brown vest that fully covers my body and a pair of leather black pants; not exactly the most appealing of outfits. A part of me wonders if Helios would look at me more if I dressed up. And if I did, would he regard me as a woman instead of just his faithful sidekick?

 Nox’s voice pulls me out of my internal debate.

“Helios, do you know how hard it is to find such beauties? And not just one, but two identical ones?” he laughs crudely.  “Just think about the things you can do with them,” he suggests lewdly and steps forward to take a glass of wine that sits untouched on Helios’ table.

Gingerly, he lifts the wine glass by its flute and pours it down Lala’s dress, effectively drenching her, creating a visual feat for Helios. The now drenched see-through dress allows the men to feast on the red liquid seeping between the moulds of her breasts. Some trickle over her pink, taut nipples. I see Lala tense at this. It seems that Nox has done this to her before.

He bends her over her back. Then he attacks her breasts, savagely biting, gnawing and sucking her breasts until they are red and raw. It is a sickening act. Slave or not, no woman deserves to be treated and degraded like this!

I cast a quick glance at Helios, hoping for him to put a stop to this barbaric act but he says nothing. He merely sits there and watches as Nox continues to abuse the twin.

Then finally, after what feels like an eternity, Nox pushes Lala back to her sister. Her eyes are rimmed red by now and they both huddle near Helios.

“She’s delicious,” he chuckles, wiping away the wine stain from his lip with a calloused thumb. “I’d love to keep them both. But that would make me a terrible uncle if I don’t share them with my favourite nephew, don’t you think? Come on, pick one.”

Helios’ eyes narrow into thin slits and the corner of his mouth lifts ever so slightly. “How generous of you, Nox,” Helios says, his eyes resting heavily on his uncle. “It’s an enticing offer, but I’ll have to decline.”

Relief washes over me and for fraction of a second, I feel the foolishness of hope trying to rekindle its flame within me.

But Nox won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I guess the word doesn’t exist in his dictionary. He tries again and yanks Cici up from the floor, twirling her around.

“Why? Are they not good enough for you?” he sneers at Cici and she begins to weep openly. This earns her a backhanded slap from Nox, effectively shutting her up.

“Girls, show the Alpha what you are capable of.”

And they do. Both Lala and Cici automatically start dancing sensually to an invisible rhythm, swaying their hips suggestively at Helios.

Their exotic moves have both men watching them as if in a trance and I will myself to look away even as my heart sinks deeper than the abyss.

Lala, or is it Cici parts her legs and raises a hand to caress her own body, inexplicably letting out a moan. Then slowly, she hooks a finger under the strap of her dress and peels it off, revealing her body in full glory.

My jaw literally drops seeing her get naked just like that.

And from beneath her, her twin sister crawls out on all fours, moving slowly but surely towards Helios like a subdued she-wolf. She is just about to reach Helios when suddenly, the naked twin trips and falls. The other gasps and quickly helps her sister up. Both start to tremble and apologize profusely, “Forgive us, Nox! It was an accident, please, spare us!”

Nox is red in the face and looks like he is about to lash out. But at that very moment, we hear a clapping sound. It is Helios and he claps as he smiles. “You’re right Nox, they are indeed very good.”

He eyes both the twins, the smile never leaving his face and he continues, “but it'll be a shame to tear the beautiful duo apart, don't you think?”

He drums his fingers on the side of his throne and suddenly, he slams his fist on the handle as if a brilliant idea has just struck his mind. “I know, why don't you give them both to me? After all, I am the Alpha, and doesn't the king of the pack deserve the best?”

The flickering hope within me is instantly snuffed out. He wants both the girls. So much for being happy that he said ‘no’ a moment ago. 

Nox hisses. I don't think he intended for Helios to take both his dancers either. But he cannot deny the Alpha, no one can.

He bows his head ever so slightly and mumbles, “As you wish.”

That's it. I can take this no more. “Helios, may I be excused to take my place to guard the entrance?”

At my request, Helios throws me an odd look but doesn't say anything. He merely nods his head and it takes all my willpower not to run out of his chamber.

With each step that I take, I have to hold back my tears.

You are a big girl now Laurel, I keep telling myself. You already have a lot. Be content with what you have. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

The last sound I hear before I step out of the chamber is the sisters squealing with glee as they run over to Helios, presumably to each take a seat on his thigh before proceeding to make out with him on the throne.

I do not want to look; I do not want to know. With a heavy heart, I pushed the door to the chamber but suddenly, a hand sticks out, stopping me and my heart skips a beat. Is it Helios?

A head pops out from behind the door. It is Nox.


“Hello, Beta. Care for me to join you at guarding post?”

Beside us, the guards immediately step aside to make room for us.

I ignore Nox and proceed to stand erect at the entrance, choosing instead to focus on the bright yellow lights that illuminate the long lofty corridor.

“You're very dedicated to Helios, Laurel. It's a pity Helios does not see that. It's too bad he does not appreciate you,” Nox tsks.

I do not answer him.

Unperturbed, Nox continues,” He doesn't cherish your feelings for him, in fact, he doesn't deserve the feelings you have for him.”

My body tenses up. I know the game Nox is playing. He wants to sway my loyalty towards Helios but darn right if I will let him. I have to be honest though, Nox’s words do affect me more than I'd like to admit.

He leans into my ear and whispers,” The twins just proved that he lusts after new pretty young things he can conquer in bed. And instead, your love for him is ignored. It pains me to see that, Laurel. And you know I only want the best for you.”

He lets the words hang in the air, letting the idea sink into my head.

“Save it, Nox. If you think for one minute that you can get me to side with you, then you're wrong.”

I will never leave Helios’ side. He needs me, now more than ever. I have to help keep his full moon secret safe.

Nox sighs and shakes his head. “Oh Laurel, don't be a fool–”


Helios. He summons me.

I sidestep Nox and push open the door to the chamber once more.

I step into the throne room and see the twins massaging his shoulders.

“Yes, Helios?” I answer, all the while gritting my teeth.

“Bring the girls, Caca and Lili?”

“It's Lala and Cici,” Lala coos.

He waves his hand in the air as if their names don't matter,” Whatever. Send them to the new villa.”

The new villa. I suck in my breath. The villa was only recently constructed and it is where Helios sends the women who pleasure him to stay. I do not like that villa, more than any of the women who stay there.

But I push aside my opinion and nod my head at him. “Yes, Alpha.”

Curling my finger at the twins, I signal for them to follow me and they begrudgingly come to my side, their eyes still lingering on Helios.

No sooner are we out of the tower than the twins start to bombard me with questions about Helios.

“What's his favourite food? And drink? Does he like to drink?”

“How does Helios like his women? Does he like it when girls play hard to get or would he prefer for us to take the initiative?”

“What turns him on? Which position does he like best?”

I wish they would just shut up. Their incessant yapping is giving me a headache. And the fact that I lost quite a large amount of blood doesn't seem to be helping either. But they keep on asking me for ways to win over his heart. And while I find them annoying, I understand why they are doing this.

They are doing this to survive.

But what do I tell them? Do I willingly divulge all information I know about Helios’ likes and dislikes to them? Do I help them please and gain the favour of the man I love?

I can't do that; it is wrong to tell them all this. Feelings aside, I am Helios’ Beta and it is my duty not to let out any information that can be used against him in the future.

The girls soon tire of me ignoring them and one of them yanks my hair, stopping me in my tracks. A few pack members who are out and about see this and stop to see what the commotion is all about.

“Why aren't you answering us?” Lala demands, her hand still grabbing my hair. I push her hand away and ignore her, marching forward to bring them to the villa. It is not too far from where we are now.

“Yeah! You're just jealous of us, aren't you?” chimes Cici. “We know all about you, Laurel Moon.”

“You're his mistress, aren't you? ‘Beta’ is just a disguise for him to fuck you anytime he wants.”

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