I grab a tiny glass vial and hang it around my neck via a string. It is a special ointment made by our pack doctor used to accelerate the healing of wounds. I could use this as an excuse to see Laurel.

Her residence is on the other side of town and it will take at least an hour by foot. So I shift; my bones snap and break as my body starts to change and mend while my muscles tear and reform to my wolf structure. It fucking hurts every time I shift but it has happened so many times that I’ve gotten used to it. My skin burns and stretches to take on my wolf shape before dark black fur finally covers my body.

The shift is complete and Apollo is now free. He lets out a howl that echoes into the night and we immediately tear through the woods, running as fast as the wind can carry out feet. My lungs burn and I gasp for air.

This is usually never the case. On a normal day, I can run rings around my land without even breaking a sweat. But tonight, as the full moon rides high i
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Hi April, updates will be done daily ...️
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April Castle
When will there be more story?

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