My pack elders once said that a rainbow will come after every storm to signify a time of peace and tranquillity. But on this particular morning, after a night of heavy thunderstorms, I see no rainbow. And there is neither peace nor tranquillity.

“Marty is gone!!!” Ares bursts through the door of my house just as I am about to get ready to head over to the training ground.

A shadow falls over my heart and I frown. Something's not right. Sure, I wanted him gone but no visiting ambassador ever leaves a pack without an official announcement.

“Does Helios know?” I ask a breathless Ares.

He nods, still catching his breath. “Nox is seeking an audience with Alpha Helios at the Town Hall right now.”

“Then let’s go.” I set aside my bag of spare clothes, bow and arrows and drag Ares out the door.

We race across the fields of wet green grass, ignoring a group of curious onlookers who are strolling nearby and make a mad dash up the steps that lead to the Town Hall. But right as the sol
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