There is but a moment of silence before father’s shrill voice tears across the evening sky.

“HELEN!!!!!” he screams, filling the valley beneath with a heartbreaking echo. His wife, his love and his mate has just died and he feels it with every fibre of his being.

But he realizes his mistake too soon for his scream of pain had caught the attention of rogues and beasts who are in hiding and soon, I see shadowed figures with glowing yellow eyes emerge from their hiding places.

His screaming was a fatal mistake. And he knows it. Immediately, he shifts into his wolf form and flees the scene, abandoning his dead mate’s body.

I do not call out to him, nor do I jump down to help him. I merely stand rooted at the edge of the cliff and stare at his disappearing figure as predators chase after him.

I think I am too shocked to move.

What just happened? I blink and realise that the black mist is gone, it has disappeared just as it had suddenly appeared.

It takes some time for me to c
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