“Helios..let me stay with you. I don't care if our mates appear, please. Just let me stay by your side.” 

Laurel’s words burn me to the core. I knew the day would come, I knew she would crave something more than just a physical relationship but I did not expect that day to come so soon.

My heart sinks and I pull back from the embrace to take a good look at her. She puts on her patient face, which at the moment is a mask of poorly concealed exasperation. She is lost, afraid and achingly lonely. and to deny her what she is asking for would be akin to killing her with a poisoned sword.

But she simply does not understand the power of the mate bond. I do. I’ve been there. I’ve seen with my very own eyes the devastation that follows when a mate bond is severed. It is a living nightmare.

I let go of her and turn my gaze towards the window where the moon is hidden by t

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