I wake up to the first few minutes of sunrise and realise that Helios is long gone. A touch on the cool silken sheets next to me tells me so. I get up from his bed and in the privacy of Helios’ chamber, my eyes trail to the wooden trinket on his dark mahogany desk.

The early morning light bathes the box in a faint half glow and even though no one is here, I make my way to the box cautiously. Unbeknownst to Helios, I had awoken from my slumber last night to catch a glimpse of him brooding over something he had taken out of the box, something that seemed to glow red in the dark.

Reaching his desk, I take another quick glance at the chamber door. It remains closed.

But as my hand touches the cool surface of the beautifully carved box, I stop and shake my head. This is wrong. I shouldn’t pry into Helios’ possession. The fact that he had inspected the inside of the box so discreetly last night tells me that he does not want me to know anything about it. And that is why I preten
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