Something flies towards me at lightning speed. It is a broken piece of ceramic plate with a jagged end and I catch it in between my fingers, inches from my eyes.

“What is the meaning of this?” I flick the broken plate away and it lands next to my feet, on a pile of other broken plates.

“Beta Laurel!” A gasp comes from the very end of the living room and I see the twins jump to their feet. They tremble at my sight and both quickly turn their heads away, but their eyes cannot escape mine.

Slowly, I cross the once beautifully decorated room and one of the twins, Cici backs farther away. Lala’s lower lips trembles. They are afraid of me.


"Please…don’t tell Alpha Helios about this!” Lala drops to her knees, rubbing her palms in a form of prayer. She crawls to me on her knees towards me and starts to cry.

Cici joins her twin in the chorus of tears.

“If you knew this day would come then why did you mistreat the servants and destroy everything in the house?” I ask, exaspera
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Sherri Smith LaPat
I thought he had no interest in the twins? She’s lecturing them about pining away over a man?! Seriously? Look in a mirror! He has a harem…gross!

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