Logan’s POV

Looking at Rebecca, I nodded for her to take over the situation.

Alpha Grey was done with the girl for the night.

Rebecca and Natalie still needed to get Avalyn to eat something and take some rest. There wasn’t much need for me in the hospital at the moment, so I followed my Alpha out.

Alpha Grey wasn’t just my Alpha. He was my best friend, and the position of Beta was given to me out of trust.

However, no matter how close we were, I was first his subordinate, then his friend. Either way, though, he had my absolute loyalty.

I was quite surprised to hear what he had said to Avalyn.

I tried to catch up with him. He made his way down the hospital hallway before exiting the double doors which led out into the front lawn near the pack house. He was moving quicker than his usual pace, but I wasn’t aware of anything else on his agenda tonight.

He turned quickly, and made his way towards his office. I followed him in, closing the door behind us.

Strictly executing every single one
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