04 A Nasty Offer


The wedding came. It was hard being there, but I had no choice. The Beta and Alpha family spent a lot of money organising the wedding. I could understand why they would want to celebrate it in grand style. The marriage signified the union of our pack's two most powerful families. The way it seemed, Tomas would easily be the next Alpha. I doubted he had the authority and command to lead. Still, since Alpha Gibson did not have a son and women were not allowed to lead, the burden fell on Tomas, which was why I believed the match was made in the first place. Veronica looked over the moon about it, and from what I gathered, Tomas was her boyfriend long before we met. They ended things when she travelled. I was his pastime. He knew the relationship wouldn't get anywhere, but he led me on. I was mad, and I honestly did not wish them well. I prayed their lives would be filled with bitterness and regrets. 

My entire family was made to sit at the back of the hall. Our table had the least decorations, and the servers did not even attend to us. I did not expect anything better. I knew it was Veronica that invited us. She wanted to humiliate us, and she seemed to do an excellent job at it. People gossiped about me and laughed. I might be the side attraction without knowing. We sat in silence, and I could see Tevin fuming with anger. 

"If they knew they would not treat us as guests, why send us an Invite?" He linked all of us, and I could not say anything. The humiliation we were going through was my fault. I was the one that got involved with Tomas against my better judgement. 

"I am sorry," I linked them back, and Tevin reached for my hand and squeezed tightly. 

"You have no reason to be sorry, baby sister. That bastard should be ashamed of himself. Moreover, our family is going through this shit because of father's choices," he added, hitting the nail on the head. Everything had gone wrong in all our lives because of my father's choice. I wondered how he slept at night. Towards the end of the wedding, a waiter came to speak to me. 

"If you guys are hungry, there is food at the back you can serve your family," She said kindly and left. I felt insulted. Whatever they wanted to give us was definitely leftovers, and the waiters felt too important to serve us food. 

"What did she say?" Tevin linked me because we dared not speak out. I linked him back, and he was mad at what had happened. His anger was directed toward our father. Tevin hated our father the most. His mate left him because of our father's problems with the mob. She ran away with his son. He has been looking for her ever since. He stopped looking when he found out she settled with another man who was a Sigma. He was above Tevin, and that made him hopeless. Her name was Linda, and she had broken my brother's heart. She left him a sombre note saying she could not allow her son to be related to the likes of my father. I was glad my mother was visiting her folks in a neighbouring town. She wouldn't have handled this treatment well. 

My brother forbade us from getting the food at the back, and he used that opportunity to remind my father where he had sunk the family. My brothers supported us with odd jobs they did in town. As poor as we were, we had food at home. 

After the wedding ceremony, the Alpha and Luna summoned my father and me. Tevin was worried, but I told him to be calm. We were led to a small room, and Alpha Gibson sat at a desk. He was from a Beta family like Tomas, but he was strong and could command the loyalty and respect of any wolf. His wife was the alpha breed. That was what qualified him as our Alpha. There was no ounce of submission in his eyes. He was utterly domineering, and I feared my father and I would be at the receiving end. 

"Omega Eric Wyatt," he said, and my father bowed down with respect, and I did the same but did not go as low as my father did. 

"My daughter invited your family here so that your daughter can get the message. She has been texting and calling Tomas for a while now, and we will not have it. They had fun while it lasted, and now it is time to move on. I do not want my daughter to ever complain about your daughter again, Eric. It was hard bringing the two together. I will not take it likely with Omegas that try to rise above their station in a low way. My daughter's happiness is important to me. I know you already have issues with the mob. I doubt you will want to have any problems with me." He said, and my father bowed his head. 

"She will not trouble them any more, Alpha," my father said, and Alpha Gibson nodded. 

"very well then. You can take some food back home," Luna Martha said as if we were some charity case. 

"There will be no need, Luna; we have more than enough at home," my father said, standing for us for once. I noticed the Luna was shocked at his response but tried to hide it. My father had a gambling problem quite alright, but he made me proud with that response. They excused us, and we left. We went to congratulate the bride and groom and left. 

The moment we stepped out, I sighed with relief. I had dreaded the wedding day and all that would happen, but it was now over. I could now pick up the pieces of my life and move on. 

We got into Tevin's rickety car, and he drove us home. While we headed back, I thought of Heather's advice, which seemed the best thing to do. Getting a waiting job at a human cafe and then saving up for school online seemed like a lofty dream, but there was no harm in trying. I had nothing to lose. 


I lay in bed in the afternoon going through the list of establishments I had tried to find a job. People weren't just hiring. They told me to try the casinos and bars, but I did not want to go there because they were owned by the mob. Omegas did not like to work for the mob even though we were best suited for the kind of service their businesses rendered. My father's link to the mob was more than enough. I did not want any more trouble. 

The mob activities in Celio were getting stronger, and Alpha Gibson had a tough time keeping them under control. It was possible our town would come under their control soon. The leaders of the mob families were true Alphas putting Alpha Gibson in an awkward and limited position. 

While I lay in bed, I heard someone knock on my window. Our house was a bungalow, so anyone could knock on my window. I was home alone, and that made me very worried. My father was out gambling, and my mother was definitely with him. My brothers were running their second jobs. Soon the person was trying to force themselves into my room from the window, so I went to check who it was. I gasped when I saw the person. It was Tomas. He had managed to open the window. I did not lock it, so it was something he could push open with little force. Without allowing me to invite him into my room, he helped himself in, and I was still dumbfounded. 

"What the fuck are you doing in my room, Tomas? Are you high on something? Do you want to get me in trouble with the Alpha?" I asked him, and he pleaded with me to keep it down, then went to sit on my bed. I found his sight revolting. 

"What do you want? Why are you here?" I asked him, and he looked at me and smiled. 

"For an Omega, you push back too easily. You look so cute when you are mad," he said without answering my questions. 

"Your number was switched off, so I had to come myself." He said, and I did not bother to answer. Of course, my number will be switched off. He was the one that paid the subscription, and now that we were no longer together, I had been unable to pay for it. I had no job and could not ask my brothers to do it. 

"I do not need a phone," I said to him, and he nodded and then looked at me. 

"How have you been?" He asked me, and I did not want to have any conversation with him in my bedroom. If his mate should smell me on him, I will be in trouble. 

"If Veronica picks up my scent on you, she will be pissed off", I warned him, and he smiled. 

"Don't you miss me?" He asked me, and I shook my head. He was my first quite alright, but I wasn't a stupid girl. 

"I have missed you. There are times I lay up in bed thinking about you. I wonder what you are doing and who you are with," he said, trying to look haunted, but I did not care. How could he expect me to still feel anything for him? He stood up and walked up to me. I stepped back immediately, keeping space between us. He was persistent until my back was against the wall. Then he lifted my face so he could gaze into my eyes. This was the part where I hated being an Omega. I wanted to lash out, but a massive part of me submitted like a fool. 

"I still want to be with you, Emma. I miss you. Veronica made me realise I had lost a great love. She doesn't submit to me. I do not feel like a man around her," He said, and I knew it was probably because he wasn't a real man. 

"I want you back as my mistress. I am allowed to keep a mistress. Alpha Gibson has a mistress. I can take you away from your family and give you the life you desire," He said. The way he said it and looked at me, he believed I would say yes. He did not think I had the capacity or the heart to say no. I was going to prove him wrong. 

I fought my Omega side and pushed him away with all my might. 

"Fuck off, Tomas! I wouldn't fuck you even if you were the last man on earth." I said, fighting his dominion, and he smiled. 

"But you did, darling, and you liked it so much you wanted me to marry you," he pointed out. 

"That was before I realised who you truly are, a liar and a coward," I said, and his eyes twitched because it got to him. He stepped away from me and went towards the window he came in. 

"The offer will be open. I will give you time to heal because you are still hurting. Once you are better, I expect you to come to your senses. If not, I will make your life hell in this pack. I promise you," he said and left, not wanting me to have the last words. I could not believe this dude. There was no way I was going to say yes. I wonder what else he would do to me. He had done his worst already. He had broken my heart.


Emma was being the bitch she is, saying she won't fuck me if I was the last man on earth. Who the hell did she think she was? A bloody Omega with no pedigree. I felt terrible about how things went with us, and I wanted to make it right because I knew she was head over heels for me and damn, she was hot. It was only logical that I have a hot mistress as she is. It was an honour for her, yet she spoke to me arrogantly. I intend to break the bitch.

I returned home and found Veronica nagging as always about how I reek of Emma. She was sitting on the couch with a champagne flute and an empty bottle of champagne on the table. She wasn't only a bitch; she was a drunk too.

"Are you done with your whore?" She asked with a bit of a slur. It was two in the afternoon, for fuck sake, and she was already drunk.

"What the fuck do you want from me??" I yelled at her. She started crying. I guess the alcohol was doing its work. I wasn't in love with her, and she knew it. It was simple. I was to be the next Alpha, and her father blackmailed my family and me into marrying his daughter. I had done what they wanted. It was now time for me to do what I wanted. I did not intend to let her know my plans until Emma was mine. I walked passed her in the living room and went to change my clothes so I could play badminton with my friends at the sports club in town. 

While I dressed up, I remembered Emma's words and my blood boiled from the insults. I did not intend to break up with her, really. I was going to marry Veronica and then claim Emma as my mistress, but Veronica had to be a bitch and invite her to the wedding. She also got Alpha Gibson involved, complicating matters for me, and now I have to deal with this shit. What Emma said to me was a challenge, and I wanted to see her eat her words and beg me to have her. 

I left the house, and while I drove, Emma's words rang in my head. I knew she was stubborn and proud, but I did not think she could be this difficult. I had bragged to Grover that she would accept my offer. It wasn't about her anymore. I wanted to break her and see her beg me. So Instead of heading to the sports club, I decided to pay the local mob boss a visit. I knew her father was owing, and I wanted to see how far she could hold out on me when everything shatters and she is hopeless. The thought alone soothed my anger and made me laugh.

I arrived at Marcelo Salvatore's office, and he was surprised to see me. As the future Alpha, I was given preferential treatment.

"To what do I owe this visit, Alpha Tomas?" He said and offered me a seat. His goons were around him, and he was smoking a cigar which made me want to choke, but I held on.

"I have a proposition that would benefit both of us," I said, and he arched an eyebrow, interested. Everyone knew how Marcelo loved business. I adjusted myself in the seat and spoke to him.

"I know how precious Omegas are for your business, and we have a pack law that prevents you from forcing omegas to work for you," I said, and he squinted out of curiosity.

"How about we make an exception for you and bend the rule? You gain six omegas in the process. Five handsome men can work in the pleasure department, and a forty-eight-year-old beautiful woman you can place anywhere." I said, and he leaned forward.

"And what is the catch?" He asked.

"You will release one of them to me eventually," I said, and he frowned.

"Eric Wyatt owes you. I want you to turn up the heat on him and increase his instalment payments so he can default. When he does, you can pack up his family and enslave them. The current Alpha will look the other way because he doesn't like them, so you will have free range. In exchange, I will come in like the knight in shiny armour. Some negotiations will make you eventually release his daughter Emma to me." I said, and he raised his eyebrow.

"I won't ask you what she did to you, but why not just let us give her to you as a gift while we keep the family here?" He asked, and I shook my head.

"I want her to suffer. I want her to value me. I want her to see me as her messiah and worship me. I want her to submit." I said, and as I said those words, I knew they were my truth. It wasn't about how I felt anymore. It was about dominating her. 

Marcelo liked it, and we shook on it. I could not wait to set things in motion and watch her beg me for help.

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