14 Dinner Party


We finished up at the restaurant and headed to a clothing store. I had booked ahead, and they had cleared out the store so we could shop in peace. When we arrived there, my men arrived to guard the place and Emma and I went inside.

"Good morning Mr Alessandro, welcome," the store owner, who was also a designer, greeted me, and I smiled at him. His name was Luciano Russo, and he was the best in the country.

"Luciano, meet my wife, Emma," I said, and he was shocked and happy at the same time. He shook Emma's delicate hand, and I felt a growl trying to escape my mouth, but I held it.

"You are welcome. She is stunning," he said to me, and I nodded. I already knew she was a beauty. Luciano was a human clueless about our world, so he did not know she was an Omega or what it meant.

"We will do both her hair, dress and makeup. You will fall in love all over again, Mr Alessandro," he teased, and we all laughed, but I noticed Emma blush a bit, which was cute. He urged her to come with
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