72 End Of A Menace


"It seems you already believe the old fool. There is no need to defend myself," Tomas said with a sinister grin, and I realised all the begging and kind words were pretences. Pretences to trick me and lure me in like he did to Veronica. Unfortunately for Veronica, she had no one to run to, but I had many people counting on me. Tomas's men advanced; I grew out my claws and growled at him. My wolf had never felt this strong before. I was confused at first, then realised it was the mate bond. I was getting strength from Luca, a true alpha.

"Don't hurt your pretty head, Emma. We can do this nicely or the hard way. You came here of your own volition, and I get to keep you. It is that simple," He said, and I stepped back. I looked at the men advancing, and they had no weapons.

"They are about to attack me," I linked my brothers.

"We have taken down the armed guards. We are heading to you in our wolf forms now," Tevin said, and I slowly began to shift. Tomas laughed and shifted int
Karima Sa'ad Usman

This is NOT the final chapter, please. We still have a few to go. Thank you for supporting this story.

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goodnovel comment avatar
One down … let’s get the brothers & there mom
goodnovel comment avatar
Don’t cry now u was so ready to kill him urself. Got to have tough skin to be a mob boss wife

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