76 Redemption 


I knew there was a need to redeem myself. I had hurt my family and friends. I wanted to know how long Karolyn had been using me and if truly she ever felt something for me. The fact that she dragged my sons into this mess hurt me. I had already lost a son; knowing I would lose two more broke my heart. There was no way I could talk Luca into sparing their lives, and there was no way they would back down, especially Randy. He was like his mother, conniving and manipulative.

Everyone had made a sacrifice for the cause, most especially Emma. She had surprised everyone the most, and I had to follow her example and do something. Lacy wasn't going to take me back, and I knew I would not be able to live with myself if I did not rectify the error. I needed to make a sacrifice for the sake of my fallen friends and family. I had unknowingly exposed them to danger. It was time I rectified that error. If I died in the process, so be it, but at least I would die knowing I tried to correct my
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