77 On The Way


Stepping out of the house, I walked a bit until I could flag a taxi to take me to the packhouse. I sat at the back of the Cab, a bit nervous. While we drove past, I admired Celio and saw why Luca liked the place. Moreover, his wife was from here. He was bound to cherish the place. Unlike Ashfield, the people were friendly, and they mainly had smiles on their faces. For a pack that had just lost their Alpha, they seemed happy. I guess they were tired too. The drastic change and raising of flags with armed guards must have scared them. There was a smile of liberation and gratitude on their faces, all thanks to a few omegas. I hope our people will change their view of Omegas.

When Luca brought Emma home, Lacy sent her to the servant section and equated her to Luca's pleasure object. Even I saw her that way.

When Luca moved her upstairs, it solidified our thinking. She was an attractive omega, and Luca was an Alpha. Every powerful wolf wanted an Omega in their bed, and Luca had go
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Hopefully Theo don’t die in the process

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