81 Strategy and Support


Why would Theo do this to me? I was only trying to make him suffer before taking him back. I was honestly relieved that he did not send that message and that he did not leave me for her. I guess she played her cards well. The bitch. If I had not received that message, I wouldn't have sent him horrible messages, and he would have just checked on her and come home. Karolyn had complicated our lives for her selfish gain. I doubt if she loved him. She was just using him.

I was mad at Theo for risking his life like this. I knew it was a good cause, but the price was steep. I knew I could not be crying and moping about my room. I had to make decisions that would aid his cause. I sat up in bed and set aside my hurt. I locked my room because this was a crucial moment for me. Every decision I made now would determine the outcome of things. I needed to find a way to aid Theo from afar.

Emma had knocked on the door a couple of times. She had also brought Katya to knock on the door. Em
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