82 Confessions


I sat in the house a bit impatient. I wanted to call Luca to find out how Lacy was doing, but I was being careful. I needed to keep up my pretence just in case I was being watched. I remained in the house doing all I would have typically done when I believed Karolyn had cancer. I decided to make some calls to ask for money. I knew she must have bugged my phone by now; I couldn't wait to stop the pretences.

She returned later in the afternoon looking sad, and I wondered what was up with her. I was honestly getting impatient and did not want to linger with her anymore.

Her mood was down, and she looked sick.

She walked passed me and went to the bedroom. I tried to look at her as she moved, and it looked like I was admiring her, but I was just curious. A few minutes later, she entered the room, popped her head through the door, and smiled at me.

"Aren't you coming?" She asked, and a grumble almost escaped my lips, but I held it. I smiled and followed her. How could she switch
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