83 Finally, The Break Needed


A week had passed, and my father was still yet to get to the bottom of the matter. The woman was a tough bitch to crack. Mathias told me my father had called to ask him for money and that it would be nice for me to reconcile with my father. I knew all of them thought the fight between us was real, and I could not wait to end the pretence. The investigation wasn't getting anywhere, and it seemed the people were getting comfortable in the packhouse. Slowly it was beginning to seem like we would be in Celio longer than expected. I did not know what to do. My mother had pleaded with me to tell my father to abort the mission, and slowly I began to agree that if another week should pass and Karolyn didn't crack, I would ask him to come home. I would rather have him with me than far away sleeping with the enemy.

I sat in my home office going through some reports when Emma walked in. She had dark circles, and it was partly my fault. We had not been sleeping. We tried to stay awake as
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That naughty ... Emma always has a time for a quick bite. ...

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