84 Preparation And Hope


Luca told everyone what Theo had told us, and they were excited and shocked at the same time. We had all been waiting for this break and finally had it.

"I say we make an example of those traitors and kill them most excruciatingly," Mathias said out of anger. He did not seem like the type to handle betrayal lightly. We had been living in hell for a while now, not knowing where the problem was coming from; instead of those two workings against them, they decided to drink the cool aid. Mathias was mad.

"This makes a lot of sense now. Every effort we have made to get the cult has been futile. They have been one step ahead of us all the time. I now realise that Mario Russo was the issue," Mathias said, and I knew his pain because we had a few general meetings with Marco Diaz and all our plans had no headway too. They were smart to recruit one person on each side.

"We can't kill them. We do not want to create a problem for ourselves. It is still based on speculation. We need proof
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