85 Great Odds


The day of my initiation had finally come, and I noticed Karolyn was uneasy. She was better now, and I was glad I could get her meds. She looked nervous, and I knew she was worried. I had assured her that Luca would spare our sons, so I did not know what her problem was.

"Why are you looking worried," I asked her, and she looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"I am worried about how tonight will play out. I have never been in a fight before, and my uncle is cunning. What if he kills my sons to teach me a lesson?" She asked, and I understood her fear. I remembered the note he sent her along with her meds, and I knew the guy was a heartless man. He was ready to let her die the most excruciating death simply because she did not give him the kind of information he needed to be successful. Karolyn was supposed to be his niece, yet he treated her like something he could use and discard. I understood her fear because the man had no regard for life, family or bonds. He was a monster. It
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