86 An Easy Win


We arrived at the venue by six in the evening. I was eager to get it over with. I wanted it to be over. Hopefully, it wasn't a trap, and we succeeded. I wasn't happy that I was to spare the lives of the two creeps there who were my half brothers, but a deal was a deal, and I did not plan on going back on my word.

As terrible as the Motzaretti clan were, they had united all the families. Having one enemy and fighting for survival made all of us realise what was best. I hoped we won the fight tonight and kept the lessons that Johanna Wallace helped impact on us with his ruthless ways. Before we came there, we researched and realised the guy was a nobody. I could easily take him, but I had to be careful. I turned to look at Emma beside me and touched her thigh.

''You have to promise me you will be out of that place once Marco and Randy have been bound with Silver. We do not know their strength level, but I need you to be safe so I can focus and end this guy." I told her, and she
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