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Leaving Emma at home with the women, the rest of us decided to have the last meeting at the packhouse before everyone left. For the first time, Luciano joined us. He was hurt to learn of his brother's betrayal, and he later admitted that many things made sense to him now that the truth was out in the open. We also found out that they were able to get Perez and the other three families based on Mario's cooperation. They had promised the idiot the alpha of Ashfield, and he had taken it. To think my family disliked the Russos because of betrayal was ironic because Mario had just betrayed everyone who cared about him and his well-being. It was a shame and hard to fathom why he would do it, but the bottom line is he did it and almost succeeded in helping them to wipe us out.

Deigo's death was a sweet victory. I had carried out my anger for Roberto and Emma on him. As for my brothers, I could see why Emma was not afraid of them. They were feeble-minded and gullible. Because of what
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Karima Sa'ad Usman
Thank you Ada.
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Ada Armendariz
really enjoyed it
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Wonder is Ashley & Marcelo got together? Overall good book just wish we could have a couple of extra chapters of the happiness that followed.
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