Chapter 7: Grace

When Eli tells me he’s spent most of his life without parents, I’m shocked. I wasn’t expecting that.

“What happened to them?” I ask. If I’m telling my story, he should tell his too.

“My mother died giving birth to me.” He stops, his jaw tightening.

“And your father?” I ask quietly. I can tell that this won’t be as simple as his mother’s death.

The muscle in his jaw twitches before he answers. “The short version is my father challenged our Alpha heir to a duel after he caused the death of my older brother, the future Beta. The Alpha forbade it, but his son agreed. My father in his grief, killed the Alpha heir, the only child of our Alpha.” He stops and takes a sip of his tea before looking back up at me.

“The Alpha forced me to watch as he beheaded my father, blamed him for the death of my brother and the Alpha heir, called him a traitor, then he banished me. I was 12, so I understand your mother’s concern about not surviving alone at that age. I almost died as well.”

I swallow ha

Thanks everyone for being on this journey with me! I hope you are enjoying Eli and Grace's story so far. As with the first two books, I will be updating every day. I'm hoping to have a fourth book, a prequel telling Clint and Lily's story out in the next couple of weeks, so keep a look out! And as always, let me know your thoughts. I read all your comments and appreciate all of your feedback and support!

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Melissa Wilson
Aww shit, he told her to be careful around those other packs!
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Mek G
Edit first line: ‘It’ was a huge problem.

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