Chapter 14: Grace

A large red wolf runs up beside us and slams into our body sideways, knocking Maia off her feet. When she stands again, we are surrounded. There are six wolves that have us caged in, the largest is the red wolf that took Maia down.

Maia stands panting, waiting to see what is going to happen. The red wolf, who is also panting, begins to shift. When he’s done, he stands, bent over at the waist, breathing heavily before looking up at Maia, smiling possessively. Maia bares her teeth at him, snarling furiously.

He puts his hands up in a surrounding position, but I don’t trust it for a moment. He has us surrounded and he’s been hunting me for days.

“You’ve given us quite a chase Guardian. But you’ve lost. My name is Alpha Brody, and I claim you as mine.”

If possible, Maia’s snarl is even more ferocious, and she nips the air in between us and Alpha Brody.

“Now, now. None of that. I’ve caught you and you can’t get away from me. Be a good girl and shift and let me mark you as mine.”


Maia is marked. Do you think Eli got to her in time?

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Sue Waymire
I’m hoping it was Eli!!!
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Deborah Dowling
I really hope that he did
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She said she updates daily.

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