Chapter 15: Eli

I left Maia in the safest place I could find before heading into the town to get food. When I get close to the town, I shift and call Rik, letting him know that we were still running from the red wolves. I told him that I’m hoping we have enough of a lead on them that we will make it without any further issues.

As we’re talking, my eyes are moving around, watching everything, and I see it. Three cars with men standing and looking around, sniffing the air like only shifters do, and waving toward the direction that I left Grace.

“Rik, I have to go. They’ve found us.” I tell him before hanging up and turning around. I run back to the tree line before shifting and running back toward Grace and Maia. I’m about halfway there when I hear the howl go up. They found her, or at least, they found where she was. The howl is the howl of the hunt, not a capture.

I change course, hoping she followed my instructions and started running east. When I hear a second howl go up later, I divert south. Sh

Yay! Eli marked her.

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Trudy Mitchell
Thank Goodness it was him!!
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Melissa Wilson
Eli go hard for his!!!
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Sarah Muszynski Short
So glad it was him!!

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