Chapter 86: Grace

I’m glad when Eli says he’s heading to the battle and for me to join him after getting the evacuations set. I can’t shift being pregnant. I’ll have to run in human form to get to the battlefield. Eli would know something was wrong if he saw me.

It takes me longer to get to the battle than it would if Maia was running. We’re much faster on four paws than two feet. As we get closer to the battle, I smell them. I’m counting them in my head when Eli reaches out to me. I open the mind link and let them know I’m nearly there, and how many hunters there are.

When they decide to spread out, I know I won’t be fighting beside Eli. I have to be with my sisters. That’s the only way I can make sure we win today.

Before I arrive, I hear Kai’s howl for the battle to begin and immediately all hell breaks loose. Almost instantly, I feel tethers from our pack breaking.

‘Maia, we have to hurry. We can’t lose our pack.’

Maia’s pain at the loss of our pack members is as strong as mine, especially sinc

What do you think of Grace's power? She saved everyone. Hopefully you don't feel murderous towards me now. :) One more day of regular updates and one day of epilogues. Just a warning, my home is in the path of a hurricane and it's possible that I will lose power. I will do my best to make sure you get the last two days of updates on time.

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I feel I can breathe now
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I have been trying to stop crying since the last chapter. You played with my emotions Cooper.
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de Guzman Grace Ramirez
I felt my heart is crushing. And I ddnt know I'm holding my breath until I finish reading. What a majestic stories you have Ms. A thanks a lot worth reading.

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