Chapter 88: Grace

Chaos. That’s all I can feel. Utter chaos. There are sounds and voices all around me. I can’t make out what they are saying, there are so many of them and they are talking over each other. I try to tell them I can’t understand them, but my voice is drowned out by theirs.

I try to find Maia in my mind, but if she is there, I can’t hear her voice over the cacophony in my head. It’s overwhelming and it never stops. I bend down, covering my ears with my hands, trying to lessen the sounds, but it doesn’t help.

Initially, I felt like I was going to go crazy. But eventually, the noise becomes almost background noise in my head, making it easier for me to think. I remember what happened, how I tapped into nearly 1000 wolves that were still alive and pulled their energy and strength into my aura before pushing it out to kill the hunters and save our packs. And that’s when I realize what the noise is. I connected to every pack member from three packs, and now I don’t know how to disconnect mys

That's the end of the regular chapters. Tomorrow we'll finish up with two epilogues, one from each perspective.

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Cheryl Guay
Such a great series...️
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I love this trilogy!
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Deborah Dowling
I meant the Fae King's children. Sorry but I don't know how to spell his name...Lol

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