Ann took off her dress and stripped out of her underwear. She flipped it away and didn’t care to know where it might have landed, all she cares about is been fucked by her best friend. She reclined on the bed and spread her legs wide open. She lightly massaged her two boobs while she waited for her best friend to reach for her pussy.

Silver fell on her knees at the edge of the bed and crouched down before she pulled Ann thighs closer to her face. She grasped her hip and incline her face into her freshly opened pink pussy so she could have a perfect look. It was wet and milky.

Using her two fingers, she parted her lips open to have a closer look of her wet core.

“Ahhh…yess…”. Ann muffled a moan while squeezing her massive boobs.

“You’re so wet Ann”. Silver said as she stared at her cunt that was still trickling out wet fluid as the muscles in her core clench.

“Just shut up and fuck me”. Ann breathed as she arched her back, her hands were still squeezing her boobs. She fell into he
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