Ann looked out through the car window as she recalled how her first sexual encounter with her boss started.

It was three weeks ago, after she had been offered the job to work as a waiter. She had resumed earlier the next day and had arrived at the cafe five minutes earlier. Although, Favy was alone inside the cafe, cleaning up the little mess on the ground with a grumpy look on her face. She never smiled, she always had an angry face whenever she spotted Ann around.

"The boss said you should clean his office". Favy said as she deepened her hand inside her uniform pocket and brought out the key to Ace's office. Without alerting her, she threw the key which Ann caught off guard. She was lucky enough to have caught it in her hands.

Ann wanted to confront her about her attitude but it would be worthless because they had just met and she didn't know much about her. Maybe she is just in a bad mood or depressed.

She swallowed her words back and walked past Favy into her boss office. Sh
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Jennefer Rondena
so hot, I was really hoping and immagining that what they are doing is happening to me right now, , so satisfying........

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