Marcus ran his hand on the equipment inside his wardrobe until he finally found what he was looking for, a huge dildo. He brought it out from his wardrobe that were filled with sex equipment before he locked it and turned to face Shina.

"What is that for? Ain't you gonna fuck me with your cock??!". Shina asked as she placed her leg on the desk and spread her hips wider so he could sight her wet pussy from where he was standing. She thought she could turn him on by just showing him her wet pussy, forgetting that he is a well trained sex doctor who can't be turned on by just staring at a woman's vagina. This isn't his first time because he has seen alot and fucked alot of woman's pussy in a way they could hate sex but here he was, satisfying a woman who thinks that her husband isn't capable of doing to her the same way he'd.

He could clearly see her well shaped pink pussy as he approached her. "I want you to lay back". He commanded her with a husky tone of a voice which made her cheek r
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