Marcus tied the rope separately around her wrist then gestured her to the bed. He tied the rope at the pillars behind the bed and her other hand at the left pillar. Her hands were splayed in different directions. Marcus went behind her, his breath was right over her pulse, teasing her neck.

She inhaled and swallowed her breath in anticipation. She couldn't move her body due to the rope holding her hands.

"Knee on the bed, legs spread baby girl". Marcus' hoarse voice instructed, making her shiver.

"Yes sir". Ann responded. She climbed on the bed with her knees before she opened her legs invitingly and stayed in position as she had been instructed.

"Perfect". Marcus said, her wet hot red pussy was on display which made his cock twitch, begging for attention. He smiled devilishly and zipped down his pants before he tugged it down to his ankle. He didn't bother to take off his shirt, he left in on and proceeded his movement. He moved forward towards her and lightly massaged her ass before
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