Ann groaned just after sending her best friend, Silver, the address of the bar where they are going to meet tonight.

It's been almost one hour she has been laying on the bed, feeling exhausted from the long drive. She took a breath in before she stood up from the bed and began to strip out of her dress. She strode naked to the mirror that was hanging on the wall and admired her reflection.

She glanced at her full round breast down to her well shaped curves and her flat stomach. Her pussy revealed the v shape as she clasped her thigh together. She is gonna get laid this night with a big cock that could fill her sexy cunt. She smirked in affirmation. She palmed her left breast, squeezing it firmly and enjoying the softness of her boobs in her hands. So soft, warm and smooth. She moved her hand from her breast and walked into the bathroom.

She parked her hair up in a messy bun before turning on the tap in the tub. She entered the tub and the water swiftly engulfed her body with a great m
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