Top Morgan hill hotel;

A young handsome man agitated from a taxi before it zoomed off. He was looking totally hot in his black suit. His white hair was gelled to the back of his shoulder. He was dishy and had bold, dark freckles on his nose which brought out the cuteness in him and brightened up his white skin.

He dusted the invisible dust from his suit before he strode into the hotel in the opposite direction. He entered the hotel and met with the receptionist.

"Diego Salvador". He said while tossing a card on the table.

The young receptionist began to stutter as she was lost in her own day dream while staring at him. It was obvious that she had fallen for his charming, rare green eyes. "I...I...I...sir...". Her lips fluttered while finding the right words to say.

"Hurry up, I don't have much time". He thundered angrily at her which made her shudder and snapped out of her day dream.

"Uhmm...sir...the room is on the tenth floor". The woman blunted out almost immediately before bringin
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