Diego stood up while the hotel attendance cringed. Her body began trembling in fear and in the process the tray dropped from her hand down to the floor. It made clattering noises in return as the glasses broke to pieces. She flinched and began to hyperventilate.

"I am sorry sir, I am so sorry I didn't mean to". She blunted out as she cowered to the ground and began to pick up the broken glasses.

"Bitch you didn't mean to huh?". Diego growled in rage as he turned to her path. "Leave that fucking shit and get the hell outta here". He ordered.

"Yes sir". The hotel attendance jerked up immediately and made a turn to leave.

"Stop". Rocco ordered the hotel attendance and she quickly paused. She gulped in nervously, staring blankly at the empty passway as she waited. "What is your name?". He asked as he stood and began to move towards her, his erection spring at every step he took.

"Rocco, are we seriously doing this right now?". Diego asked, already feeling pissed.

"I got this". Rocco said
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