They arrived at the restaurant and Marcus halted his car right at the front before they both alighted from the car. The valet walked towards them and took the car key from Marcus before he let them in while he entered the car and drove it to the parking lot. Ann followed Marcus from behind as he strode into the luxurious restaurant. The moment they entered the restaurant, everyone’s gaze averted to them, they seemed surprised to see him probably with a woman but despite the attention that had drawn to his direction, Marcus didn't seem to notice.

Ann lowered her gaze to avoid the eyes that were staring at her as she squeezed her purse in her hands tightly while she walked besides Marcus. She wasn't used to getting noticed in such a big place like this.

The manager approached them and smiled.“Welcome to starlight restaurant Mr. Marcus. You don't know how excited I am to see you here”. The man said and outstretched his hand for a handshake which Marcus received with gratitude. “How
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