Ann's heartbeat pounded in her chest, her breath caught in her throat and her body trembled in fear. She clenched her hand into a fist as she summoned enough courage in her before she spoke ,”Sorry to disappoint you but I have to go now”. She said then tried to move but Alaric reached forward and pulled her back by the arm and immediately, her hand swung to hit him across the face.

His face turned to the side with the force of her slap which made him release her from his grip as he wasn't expecting it. Alaric did not make an attempt to move, he just exhaled sharply through his nostril before he spoke coldly,”You shouldn't have done that honey”. He said but Ann ignored his statement and averted her gaze to the door, it was still wide open and after calculating her speed, she knew if she was fast enough she could make it past that door without Alec trying to stop her as he was standing not too close to the door.

Ann rushed towards the door but was stopped immediately Alec moved to t
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