“I will see you outside once you're done Alec ''. Alaric said to Alec as he wore back his pants and left the room with his suit draped on his shoulder.

Ann felt weak, her cunt was gleaming red for having Alaric cock ram into her. If having it for the second time would save her life then she doesn't mind doing it again.

Alec strode towards her with his cock standing hard against his rock hard abs. He climbed onto the bed and using his hand, he spread her legs apart to welcome his full body frame between her then propped his two hands between her head on the bed while he looked down at her tears stained cheek. He lowered his hand and wiped them out which made Ann open her eyes in shock and looked at him. She was surprised he wasn't as rude and devilish as Alaric. He was more calming and gentle.

“Ain’t you gonna fuck me and leave just like your friend did?”, Ann asked, feeling impatient but then, he did the most surprising thing. He lowered his head down and began to drop mouth open
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