Silver held Ann’s hand and lead her into the small restaurant then took a seat close to the transparent glass so Ann could feel comfortable without people noticing her present. Ann quickly took the menu which was on the table and buried her face inside while pretending to be scanning through the list of food in the menu.

“Ann, there is no need to do that when I'm here”. Silver said when she noticed that Ann was just trying to hide her face from the people around. “It's just a small restaurant and there are only old people here”. She snatched the menu from Ann’s hand and looked Ann in the face, she was looking so scared,”Look at me Ann”. Silver demanded and Ann did immediately. “Do you trust me?”. She asked, staring intensely into Ann’s eyes.

Ann stared back at Silver, she could see the pains in her eyes. She was indeed hurt after all she had passed through without telling her. It was enough to leave her alone to suffer but Silver is not like that. No matter how bad she had treated
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