They arrived at Dante’s family house five hours later after a long drive. They both came out from the car and it was surprising to Silver that Dante isn't who she thought he was. The house was damn too expensive for someone like him.

“Is this really your house?”Silver asked to confirm they weren’t in the wrong house.

“Of course yes. Don’t you like it?”

“I do…”

“Come on, let's go inside”. Dante took her hands and led her into his house. Silver felt nervous because it was the first time she was going to meet with Dante's parents. He opened the door of the house and Silver gasped when she entered. This house was the definition of luxury. She turned around, admiring the house till they got to the sitting room and found a middle aged woman seated on the coach.

“Mom”, Dante stooped down to kiss his mother on the cheek before he stood up. “This is Silver, the woman I told you about, She is my fiance”. He said and the woman lifted her gaze to look at Silver.

“And Silver met my mom, Ste
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Nikita Khandelia
like seriously? The ending was so bad . You should work more on your writing style
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Trina Shayna Chua
What kind of ending is this?
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Really disappointed in the ending!!

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