the alpha's weak mate

Chapter two.

Subtitle: The Alpha's Weak Mate.

** still on general POV **

Melanie hurried through  the woods on her old bicycle.

She was late for the ceremony and she didn't care.

She just wanted to get a glimps of what the new king looks like,

Nothing much.

As she approached the huge crescent  garden which was filled to the brim with people.

The garden was decorected beautifully and people chatted,  walked around and talked.

Some had glasses of wine In their hands.

She hurried and hid the bicycle behind some thick bush.

She dusted her clothes as she walked out of the bush.

"her hoodie was pulled to cover her face in an attempt to avoid being seen.

He bred eyes glimmer in the dark as she stared and walked towards the left where some of the teenagers present where seated.

Most of them were her classmates in highschool.

She could remember  how they used to mock and bully her to the core.

Until she left school and dropped out of course.

She hid herself and avoided being noticed by them.

She could see her father, step mother and sisters seated elegantly at the front row of the VIP  seats.

Of course they were VIP.

And the look on their faces where priceless  and arrogant if you look closely.

The ceremony had already begun and the crowned alpha prince was asked to step out to the crescent ring as to the orders of the chief witch of the pack.

Melanie fought to stand on her toe amongst many people just to catch a glimpse of the prince.

He was way handsome and good looking than she had imagined he would be.

He hard a dark long hair that hung down to his shoulders, that was the first feature one will notice about him the moment he or she sees him.

And then his fiery yet fierce black eyes were also a vibrant facial feature that matches his cold  non-smiling face.

He had a very pointed thin nose and a very sharp and hazy jawline that struck his face.

He had the combination of a handsome  CEO and a dirty and dangerous mafia lord.

"aaaaaawwwwn..... He's  the cutest guy I've ever seen.. "

She heard a girl cooed from besides her and she shook her head.

"yeah..  And his height..  OMG,  are you sure he's not seven feets tall?  It looks like he can totally divide my height in two halves. "

Another girl replied as she stared at the alpha dreamily.

Melanie watched from the corner of her eyes.

"seriously. Yes he's cute. But you all gotta stop dreaming...  He's  gonna find his mate here as soon as he is fully made the king and you'll all have to watch him get all lovey dicey with her.  Respect yourselves."

A guy snapped besides the girls and the kept quiet amidst grumbling.

Melanie almost laughed out from the absurd look on their faces.

The pack witch brought out a bowl as Melanie could see.

She cute open the prince's palm and dipped it inside the bowl to make his blood mix with the whatsoever  was in the bowl.  Melanie had never attended functions like that so she had not idea what was going on.

The witch waited for the blue moon to come to full view before stepping back from the crescent ring.

There was a loud cracking sound of a bone snapping as the alpha let out a gruffy and painful yell.

It cracked again two more times before he started to transform.

Everyone was curious.

She watched as the he soon shifts into a huge and tall mid night black wolf right under the blue full moon.

Everyone chanted as his wolf made a loud cry.

"awoooooo! "

It went as loud as possible  and it echoed in the whole woods.

It was a beautiful  and lovely big wolf.

Everyone was memerised at the sight of his wolf.

He was the legendary black wolf everyone  has being waiting  for.

He was the alpha of all alphas.

"awoooooo!  Awooooooo! Awoooo! "

The pack was beginning  to yell after him even though they haven't shifted.

The crowd calmed down after some minutes of noise.

After about thirty minutes of some inaudible words form the witch and some other people the time came and the prince was crowned the king.

A piece of clothing was used to cover him from the audience covered him as he shift back to his human form.

He was given a new set of cloths to wear as his old ones were already torn from the painful shift he just experienced.

"hello friend.  I'm Zack.  Your me and I'm you! "

His wolf talked to him for the first time.

He was delighted to meet Zack.

"and I'm Ryker,your ultimate boss! "

He said in his alpha tone.

His wolf sighed.

"what type of senses human body did you give me goddess.  It looks like I can't be able to control myself anymore. "

Zack chit chatted in Alpha Rykers ears.

"it's seems like you've  chosen to give me a hilarious and chatty wolf goddess.  I hate noise but here we are."

Alpha Ryker replied Zack  in a sarcastic tone.

"with the power vested in me by the seven forces of the universe.

I Latisha, witch of the crescent moon pack thereby crown you Ryker Austin Dante as alpha and king over the eleven western pack! Long live the wolf alpha king! "

The witch chanted and the people present followed suite as a crown was placed on his head.

He looked aloof and Melanie was sure of that.

She could see as Jaxon walked up to his friend and  and patted his shoulders.

He was talking  to him which Melanie could not hear.

But it was strange to her how fascinated she was by the looks of him.

It was true he was handsome,good looking and cold.

Every lady will swim toward him at first sight but hers felt awkward.

Surprisingly  she could feel his breathing and scent.

He had a woody and fresh mint scent that she couldn't  help but sniff to but then the question was,how did she know it was his scent?

There were a hundred of people present and it could be anyone but something  in her drowned her to his scent.

She has never had the ability to know the scent of werewolves because she wasn't  one herself.

But today she could feel his scent.

It was dominating.

It was soothing and savouring.

In a bit she forgot she was supposed  to hide away and not get caught.

She closed her eyes and drew in his comforting scent that seemed to have brought her a lot of ease  and a sense of belonging.

She kept her yes closed for a minute as she was too drowned to his scent.

She had completely loose track poof time as his scent was making her go made.

She wanted to touch him,feel him and be close to him.

She could hear people  murmuring slowly and she opened her eyes slowly.

What she saw shocked her to the bones.

The alpha king was walkong towards her in a cold and aloof way.

He took gentle and dominating  steps.

He was looking at her carefully as if checking for something or someone.

She was certain he was coming towards her.

She panicked and hide her face more in her hoodie.

Taking back slow steps.

He did not stop, instead he walked more towards her.

People around where starting to talk loudly of the possibility that she was his mate since all alpha kings where supposed to find their  mates the day they shift and are crowned king.

Not all but most of them find theirates on their crowning  ceremony.

She was terrified  and felt weak to the bones.

As she looked btowards where her father and sisters where and what she saw added to her fears.

Her father, step-mom  and sisters where on their feets and where looking bemused and terribly annoyed.

Her brother who was besides the new king as he walked towards her was in shock also.

Just what the f*ck is going on?

In a swift she turned around and did the one thing she could think of doing-run.

She took to her heels and ran as fast as they could carry her through the woods.

Not until she heard him say " grab her! "

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