Welcome to the pack

Chapter ten.

Subtitle: welcome to the pack.

I sat with my legs crossed in the room I was in.

The alpha of the pack that was planning to kill Charlie was sitted opposite me staring intently at me.

"what did you say Charlie did again? "

I asked coldly.

He looked at me with a straight gaze.

The fact that I was an intruder who had come to intimidate him in his territory was not pleasing him at all and he was boiling with anger.

"she killed a lady... And according to my code of law anyone who kills someone without any reason must be killed also."

He snapped.

"according to the story you just told me she didn't kill the lady for fun. The lady stole her mate from her, if it were me I would burn her to ashes. ... The mate bond is a very strong bond and anyone who gets rejected finds it hard to move on.. I had a similar case but I choosed to move away from them. There are some people who cant do that. ... And I kind of regret leaving."

I muttered.

"rules are rules. ... And beside
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