[ Alexander ]

I finally reveal my true identity to my mate and she took it pretty well.Thats what I didn't expect from her.I mean she is a normal human but she is mentally stronger than I assume she would be.I don't really care as long as she is with me.

"Do you want anything else?"I ask her when she finished the last spoon of her broath,though she looks full but I feel its my duty to make sure she is healthy.

"Nope I have eaten more than I usually eat at dinner."She wipes her lips with the napkin.

"Then what about dessert?"I offer because initially she refuse to take anything other than her meal.

"Choco chips mint ice cream would be good."She grins with a shine in her eyes which doesn't stop me from smiling.

"I thought you would desire for chocolate mousse cake or pudding.I mean its quite chilly weather and you want ice cream!"I look at her in wonder.

"Ice creams taste their best in winters believe me."She states if she is proud of her opinion.

"Your ice cream will be here in any min
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