Chapter 2 - The beginning.

Damon’s P.O.V.

‘Chill the fuck out Damon, chill the fuck out’ I knew my brain was right, I was totally overreacting, but I had to find her. It drove me mad every time Mila was somewhere that I didn’t know about, she knew this too, she just took it as the overprotective brotherly side to me, but I knew the truth, I loved the woman. She was everything to me, my whole body went rigid when I couldn’t find her, she was my mate. She just didn’t know it yet.

“Chris have you seen Mila?” I shouted across the meadow. The meadow was Mila’s favorite place and because of that it was mine too, we went there often. I wanted nothing more than for her to be happy all of the time. “Where the fuck is she then?!” Axel was going mad inside my head, he was my wolf. And he craved Mila more than I did, ‘we need to find her Damon! She’s missing! What if some other dickhead is talking to her? Touching her?’ Axel was very insistent. I was approaching my 18th birthday which meant that Axel would soon make his first appearance and I would shift, but most people don’t actually hear their wolves until they shift first, but for alpha’s its different. We start to bond with our wolves much earlier, to give us time to prepare for the duties we have ahead of us – I was with Mila when Axel made his first appearance in my mind.

3 months ago.

“Hey so what should we do tonight? I think our parents have decided on a last minute date night, so we don’t really have time to arrange the usual movie night” Mila said to me, ‘she looks stunning’ – what. Ew. She is my sister why did I just think that. ‘STEP sister’ argh, why am I trying to justify the fact I just perved on her. “Goddess, isn’t she beautiful though” a new voice spoke to me, I was freaking out. “Damon? Are you okay? You’re worrying me…” Mila looked at me all confused, she was clearly worried… fuck I didn’t reply to her. “Say something dipshit.. you’re scaring our beautiful mate!” there it was again, the strange new voice. “Er we could have our own movie night? Chefs have the night off but we have leftovers in the fridge.. and I will choose the movie because I am NOT watching anymore scooby-doo reruns” I replied to her with my usual cocky nature hoping she didn’t cotton on to me feeling weird. She giggled at me ‘man what a sound, I want to hear that more’ oh my goddess what has come over me. Is that voice even still here or am I actually insane… “I’m here, and you’re not insane.. my name is Axel, I’m your wolf and that absolute goddess herself that you are sitting next to is OUR MATE. OURS. MINE. I WANT HER NOW”. ‘Dude chill out. You will scare her off. But I couldn’t deny he was right, all our lives she never felt like a sister, or at least I didn’t want her to, she was insanely gorgeous, even as a toddler when we brought her home, she had the entire pack around her little finger, and now as a woman she is insanely freaking beautiful. I guess I realized that a long time ago, just never put more thought into it, I never let boys near her no way, they aren’t good enough for her. Not ever.

Mila came back from the kitchen, she was the perfect height, maybe 5”6 I don’t know, I am pretty tall and her head tucked just perfectly into my chest, she’s tanned, chestnut and blonde hair thick, but with a natural wave to it, she needed no styling, hazel eyes and dusty rose lips, amazingly, perfect, kissable lips… ‘argh. Put the thought out your mind Damon’. She put the snacks down in front of me and climbed onto my lap, “so what we watching?” she looked at me intently, “scooby-doo- the movie!” I laughed as I said it, even I knew she would always get her own way. “We will stop at nothing to make this woman happy, she has to be happy, always. And we have to be the ones to make her happy” axel said in my mind, we laughed and joked for the rest of the evening, until she fell asleep in my arms the same way she always does, I studied her features while she was asleep and suddenly it all made perfect sense, Mila, Axel was right, she was my mate and nothing was going to take her from me.

3 months later.

“This is fucking ridiculous, someone must have seen where she went?!” I was near to losing all control of myself at this point, filled with rage.. and fear. Ever since Axel showed up my feelings for Mila have only intensified, she doesn’t suspect a thing thank god. We are just the same as always to her. But to me, she is everything, I told Chris about Axel and Mila a few days after Axel first appeared, he wasn’t surprised at all. I think everyone knew there is something special about me and Mila. “Dude, we will find her okay. Chill out, calm your storm and your wolf” Chris always knew what to say and he was right. “What is all this fuss about?” Talia called over to me, Talia was the perfect mother figure, she was everything I have ever wanted and needed in a mother and best of all she gave me Mila, “I can’t find Mila. I don’t know where she is T” she has never made me call her mom, she’s always been fine with any name, I couldn’t say Talia when I was a kid so she has always just been T – and I am pretty sure she suspects my heart belongs to Mila. “Don’t worry Damon, she is quite safe, she is with your father. He asked to see her, and you know no one keeps your father waiting, so she wouldn’t have had time to find you before she went” Talia was so calm and unaffected by most situations, given the tragic circumstances in which she came to us, I can only say that she is the strongest woman I know, a trait she has so perfectly passed on to Mila.

I have never run so fast in my life, I needed to get to my Mila. And there she was coming down the hall, not long finished with her meeting with my dad.  “You were gone! I couldn’t find you anywhere and I don’t like not knowing where you are. Where were you?” I gave her our signature arm punch to hope that I didn’t look too possessive, she never seemed to notice or if she did she was good at hiding it, she was so excited, telling me all about how father had asked her to be beta, - ”Luna!” – shut up Axel she is happy do NOT spoil it. But something came over me, an overwhelming sensation of pride, and love. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her, she is trying to get my attention, she definitely knows something is up, I stare at her mouth longing to invade it with my tongue, and as if on cue she bites down on her lip, like she is admiring the view of me too – but that can’t be right. Then I feel different again, like I’m not me anymore, I am staring at Mila and I still have the intense love for her, but now I WANT her, I want to tear those clothes off, to nibble every inch of her, I want her breasts in my mouth, I want her wet for me, I want to sink my fingers deep inside her and hear her moaning for me, and only me. I can feel something in me is changing, a smile is forming on my lips, and my eyes are darkening at the thoughts. “MINE!!!” Axel screams, his voice louder than usual, I realize he is taking over me. My senses alert to something behind me, I recognize the scent, its Chris, he goes to touch her, he actually tries to touch my woman, my baby, MY MATE!! Suddenly the entire house is silent, a sound I have never heard before escapes from inside me, I know what it is, it’s a warning to Chris, not to touch what is mine, Mila looks hurt as she’s challenging me and my insane behavior “what is wrong with you?!” I can hear the pain in Mila’s voice, and it crashes me back down to earth, Chris understands, he plays it off for me, thank god for Chris.

It pained me to do so, but I left Mila with Chris, I knew the others would be arriving soon and I thought perhaps a cold shower will help me chill the fuck out, I was right – for a minute, but how everything changed as soon as I heard that familiar voice, like an angel. And her smell, it invaded the my whole room, let alone the bathroom, the shower gel no longer the strongest scent in the room, it was her. She smelt incredible, like honey and vanilla, she walked in and froze to the spot, this was unlike her, she always barged in on me, she would just ramble on and then leave, but not today. She was staring at me… ogling at me in fact. She WANTED me too. I could sense it, I could smell her arousal, the sight of me in the shower made her wet, she examined every inch of me and it was tantalizing. Axel could feel it too “she is ours. We know it, she knows it. We want her so bad. You HAVE to get her, get her here now. I want her, I want to mark her” axel was growling and with every word he was getting stronger, slowly taking over me again and I was useless to resist.. all I could think about was how amazing my mark will look on her neck, then no dickhead would ever try it on with her again, how easy it would be in this shower to slide my throbbing cock right between her already soaked legs, she would love it, I would love it, she would moan for me, scream for me, in that moment she would be all mine…“Joining me Mila? I know you want to. I can smell it on you, your arousal. No one else can make you feel that way and you know it. You’re MINE” ‘WTF did I just say?!” oh no. She ran away. From me. She has never done that before, ‘what is wrong with you Axel?!’ now you’ve gone and scared her off! As quick as I could I was out the shower, dried and dressed, I had to find her, to make things right again. I caught her scent, and it was surrounded by two others, I did not like that but I had to reign it in, I couldn’t risk that again, I needed to know she was mine and she was safe, ‘get a grip Damon. Get a hold of yourself’.

I heard the whole group congratulating Mila on her beta position and this was my opportunity to make things right again, . “That’s my girl!” I exclaimed as I entered, “the most fierce she-wolf to ever exist, a warrior, a princess, a prize” that was not abnormal for me to say, I often praised her like no other and with that she looked at me the same way she always did, she felt safe again, I gave the lads the usual piss off look and Mila climbed into my lap, exactly where she belonged, I was happy and relaxed Mila was safe and where I needed her to be. For now.

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