Chapter 4 - Love and Lust

Damon’s P.O.V.

She kissed me. She actually kissed me. Axel was practically howling to the moon goddess at this point, wondering just how we got so lucky to call Mila ours. She was perfect, I nearly killed him and she knew exactly how to bring me back to my senses. I dragged her out of school and back to the car, I even buckled her in myself so I knew she was totally safe, probably a bit overkill but I didn’t care. “So where are we off to then?” she looked at me as innocent as always, following my lead was one of her specialties. “Back home. I got a text off dad, he and mum have errands to run so they won’t be back until morning – probably silly birthday surprises”. I rolled my eyes, they were fantastic parents, and always liked to make a fuss over things like birthdays, and honestly the best gift they gave me this year was a night alone with Mila.

We got home and I watched Mila walk in, damn her ass was fine. “Concentrate dude! We have to make sure she knows she is ours. You gotta claim her! Properly!” Axel was yelling at me, I hadn’t properly shifted yet and he was already almost unmanageable to control. “Do you need anything Mila, are you hungry? Thirsty? Sleepy?”. She looked at me, all sweet and innocent, almost a little embarrassed and I couldn't figure out why. “I am actually a little tired – “ my heart sank, I wanted so bad to be spending time with her now, alone. “But – if, if its okay, can we go to your room? I would rather be with you than alone”. She tangled her hair, it wasn’t often that this side of Mila came out, she was usually so confident and sassy, the last time she was like this with me she was asking the same question, except we were only 8 years old, and it was one of the worst thunder storms we’ve seen – she was frightened of the thunder and wanted to sleep right next to me. I have always been her safe place. I loved that. “Oh Mila” I took her chin between my fingers and thumb, and tucked her loose hairs behind her ear, “as if there is any other place I would rather you were right now”. I was deadly serious, even if it was just to sleep I couldn’t bare the thought of another minute without her.

We got to my room, and suddenly she seemed sad, not like before where she was afraid I’d say no, this was a different sad. “What’s wrong peach?” I looked at her longingly, I was desperate to know what she was thinking, mated wolves didn’t have the chance for secrets, we could read each other’s thoughts, it made things like this much simpler. “I’m afraid. Not of you. Of losing you, you turn 18 tomorrow, you will shift, and meet your wolf for the first time, which means he will want his mate. His true mate. And I just know its gonna be some superwoman of a girl who will sweep you off your feet and this would have all been for nothing” she was on the verge of tears, I had never seen Mila so vulnerable, I both loved and hated it, I wanted to be there for her to scoop her up and tell her how precious she is, but I also never wanted her to feel sad, unsafe, I especially didn’t want her to feel inadequate, in fact the thought of her not feeling good enough for me made me angry, she was beyond perfection. “Mila, if there is anything is this damn world that I am sure of, it’s that I love you” she looked up, surprised at my confession. “Tell her about me now dammit!!” Axel was not happy I hadn’t got straight to the point, ‘I’m getting there Axel, she is afraid, I am taking this slow’ I thought back to him. “Do you remember a little while ago, we had the house to ourselves and we watched all the Scooby doo movies we could find? Well that night something else happened, I stopped looking at you as a sister, in truth I haven’t ever really thought of you as that, but that night, you looked so damn good, edible almost. You were the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, and when I tried pushing those thoughts out of my head worried what you would think of me I heard another voice, his name is Axel. He’s my wolf.” At this point I watched Mila as she sat down on my bed, intently listening to whatever I had to say, hanging on to my every word. “He wasn’t quite as subtle about his feeling towards you, he knew straight away, you and your wolf when you get her, will be our mates, you are my mate, and honestly I am crazy about you. I can’t get you off my mind, when you disappear, there’s a hole in me and only you fill that space, when I had you pinned to the floor yesterday, my thoughts were not exactly PG, and again when you came into the shower, Axel very nearly took complete control of me then as you saw” she blushed a little at the memory, but slowly she was starting to look like my Mila again, almost. She was starting to look at me with desire, and hunger, but I kept on with my explanation. “Ever since Axel showed up, my feelings for you have only deepened, my thoughts about you, dirtier than ever. My obsession with you is beyond what I thought possible, when Chris went to help you up I could have ripped his hand off, again you brought me back from the edge, Chris knows by the way, has for weeks”.

I sat down beside her, trying to keep my composure, it was hard. She was so damn sexy, even more so since I saw what she was capable of in the canteen, I have never wanted to claim something so badly in my whole life. I stared at her lips, my breathing clearly getting heavier, my pants getting tighter by the second, I could feel my dick throbbing for her, but I needed to make sure she knew how much I adored her. Not just how much I want to rip her clothes off and smother her with my love. “I feel the same you know – “ she started telling me all about the thoughts she’s had the last few days, and it didn’t help my ever growing member. “Yesterday when you had me pinned was the first time I had ever thought about having sex with you, and not just any sex, but hot, crazy, rough sex. I was completely at your mercy but I managed to dial myself back down, at least until I saw you in the shower, you were right, I was soaked, I craved your touch so badly, I didn’t run away from you, I ran away from what I might do”. I took one last longing look at her, hanging on her every word, she just confessed that she wants to fuck me, and hard! When did this conversation take a turn… I got off my bed, and kneeled on the floor, my hands wrapped around her back, and my head against her chest, I could feel her heart starting to pound. She wanted this, she wanted me. I parted her legs, and moved in closer to her, looking up I took her face in my hands and trailed kisses from her forehead, down to her cheeks, to her chin, then on to her neck, I nibbled at her sweet spot, and heard a small moan escape her lips, my dick was starting to ache for her, my hands wandered down her back and onto her ass, I clenched her cheeks with my fingers, lifted her up and threw her down on my bed, I slammed my mouth against hers, parting her lips and invading her mouth with my tongue, I deepened every touch and every kiss, I could hear her sweet moans between kisses, she was moaning for me, in my mouth, her fingers laced themselves through my hair and I pressed my cock against her hips, I wanted her to feel every inch of me, how hard I was for her, and only her, I took her top off and my hands explored her body, they found their way under her bra, and onto her breasts, I could feel how her nipples hardened for me, for my touch, I pulled away, ripped off her bra, and sunk my mouth into her breasts, my tongue flicking each nipple in turn, while my free hand explored her body further, I worked my fingers up her thigh and through the gap in her shorts, I wanted nothing more than to please the woman that laid beneath me, I needed her to feel my pleasure in pleasing her. She pushed me away, confused at first I thought I had pushed her way too far for the first time, but to my surprise she stood up in front of me, and stripped, agonizingly slowly she took each garment off for me, her hair draped over her shoulders and framed her beautiful breasts perfectly, before I knew it I was completely out of my clothes and just laying on my bed before her, completely at her mercy. She knew she had me, she just had to know that I was nothing without her, this woman could have me any way she wanted and I would love every second always. She took a long few seconds, inspecting me, her eyes widened when they reached my dick, I sat up at the edge of my bed, and pulled her in close, I kissed every inch of her body I could get to before spinning her around and throwing her down on my bed, “do you want me to stop Mila?” I needed to know she was happy and she wanted this, “you better not Damon” she glared at me, she dominated me in every way, it didn’t matter that I was Alpha, I was nothing without this goddess in front of me, I knelt down, parted her legs, and started kissing them, from the ankle, to her calf, up her thighs, until finally I reached my goal, her soaking wet pussy just for me, she had never been with anyone else, I made sure of that, she was mine and mine only. I took my tongue and slowly guided it along her lips, finding her clit, I traced little circles inside her, her back arched up, her legs were quivering, she moaned and my name quietly escaped her lips “oh, Damon” that was all I needed, I waited so long to hear her say my name like that, I slowly pushed my index finger between her lips and deep inside her, she was soaking, warm, wet, shaking with pleasure, I found my rhythm, my tongue and finger in perfect sync, with my other hand I played with her nipples, knowing they would be sensitive to my touch while I was inside of her.

Her moans were intensifying, I slowly put a second finger inside her, and tested how deep she would take it, I knew this was her first time and the thought of hurting her was unbearable, but my need to bury myself inside her was strong. I quickened the pace, with every lick, every touch, every taste she was getting louder, my name getting louder, her hands reached for my head, her fingers wrapped in my hair, she pushed me deeper into her pussy, I took my mouth away but kept my fingers there, I kissed her neck more, “I need you Mila, I need to be inside you, I want you so bad, are you ready for me, I’ll take it slow?” “Yes Damon, please fuck me, I want your dick inside me now” and with that I lined myself up, still circling her clit to take her mind off the initial pain, I slowly pushed myself inside her, she was so wet it took all my strength not to ravage her sweet pussy there and then, she winced and I eased off “no! I want you, don’t stop babe please don’t stop” she was begging me now, her back arched to tell me she wanted me deeper, I slid myself all the way in, slowly, carefully, but completely. She moaned hard, the pleasure from her clit was helping take the pain away, and before long she started to push harder into me, I started to quicken the pace, Axel was begging and pleading to take over but I knew he would be too rough to start, I pushed him back. Mila was so close now, she was desperate for me to help her finish, and I was not going to finish myself without having completely satisfied her, I pulled her up on top of me so we were sitting together, I placed her nipples in my mouth and let her pace herself on top of me, she was so good, goddess knows she was a virgin but she was incredible, I felt her legs begin to tighten around me, my dick was throbbing deep inside her perfect pussy, her walls began contracting, and I could smell the sweet scent of her juices all around me, it was enough to nearly tip me over the edge but I held off, faster and deeper she went, all the while nails digging into my back, this was heaven, “where do you want me to come baby” “inside me Damon, I want all of you inside me, I’m protected don’t worry just please come inside me, I need all of you”, and with that she let out one more perfect moan as I felt her climax soaking my dick even more, and I came with her, we both came down together. I laid her down next to me and went to run a bath, I knew she must be sore even if she didn’t notice it just yet. I went and laid down beside while the water filled the tub, “are you okay baby?” I was nervous, petrified she regretted it, even more scared I didn’t live up to her fantasies, “Oh baby, am I ok? I am in ecstasy, you are everything I will ever want and so much more, I never knew how much I needed you until today. Everything has changed, and yet it feels like it was always meant to be this way. I am in heaven right now, and I don’t ever want to come down- my alpha”. She confessed everything she was feeling right there in front of me, I was so happy I thought I might actually die this way. “My Luna” I told her.

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